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The 'Course Forum' link
Each course has it's own forum, or online discussion group. If you are stumped on a question or wanting to find a study partner, the forums are an ideal place to find what you need. We encourage you to look into them from time to time. There might be someone asking a question that you know the answer to.

When and how to print questions and answers
After you save the question you'll see 'Print this question' show up in the box area on the right. This link takes you to a printer friendly screen to print out the question and answer. This feature was added to make it possible for you to study away from your computer.

Going to a question number or searching by Keywords
Say you're on question 25 and you want to go to question 10. You could push the 'Previous' button 15 times, but that would get tedious. That is why we've included a feature called 'Go to question #'. This feature is found on the right in the yellow box area. Type the question number in the area provided and hit 'Go'. This feature works backward and forward.

The other feature under 'Go to question #' is 'Keyword Search'. If you wanted to find all the questions that had the name 'Freud', you would type the name in the space provided and hit 'Search'. You will be taken to a screen listing all the questions that contain 'Freud'.

The 'View Illustration' link
On some of the questions you'll see a link at the end of a question that says 'View Illustration'. Most likely, the link has been mentioned in the question. There will be times when you are asked to identify something or will be shown the answer to a question for the purpose of checking your work. Clicking the link will pop up a window showing you the information you need.

How many questions are there?
The only feature we haven't gone over on this page is right under the text area for your answer. You'll see 'Question # of #'. This lets you know what question you're on and how many questions there are in the assignments.

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