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Now we're talking about that snazzy page introduced to you in the previous chapter. There are 9 main areas to this page...

We showed you this area in the previous chapter. 'Breadcrumbs' are little paths to show where you are and where you've been. If you want to make sure you selected 'Abnormal Psychology' follow your breadcrumbs to make sure you're there. You'll see them above your assignment page in the orange area...

Home > Courses > Abnormal Psychology

If you've entered the assignment or exam sections and need to return to the course entry page, you would simply click on the name of the course.

Special Instructions 1
This button will appear if there are special instructions for your assignment section. Be sure to read the instructions before answering questions.

Assignments 2
Clicking here will take you to your assignment questions.

Sample Exam 3
Clicking here takes you to your sample exam questions.

Reset Exam 4
If you want to take the exam more than once, you can reset the exam here and clear all your previous answers.

Exam Summary 5
This button will show you how well you did on your exam.

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