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April 16, 2010

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DSST Preactice tests
Corporate Education Solutions announces a new partnership
with the Louisiana State Nurses Association (LSNA)

Nashville, Tennessee, August/2007

"To be associated with an organization that has served the state for over 100 years is quite an honor," says Debra Moore, President of . "One of the goals we share is creating the opportunity for education. One of the by-laws of the LSNA is: To facilitate the education and professional development of nurses in Louisiana. This a great fit."

There are nurses who want to earn ADN, BSN or MSN degrees. However, nurses' work schedules usually do not accommodate time to attend class. Anyone working a non-traditional schedule is going to have a hard time being available for a traditional classroom, so pursuing a degree while working becomes almost impossible. Recognizing this need, schools have begun to offer non-traditional classroom delivery, either online, weekend classes, or the school allows students to earn credit in other ways. One of these ways is credit by examination. If a student can pass a test that covers the material that would normally be learned in the classroom, the student shows enough knowledge of the subject to be awarded credit. has developed in-depth study materials that prepare students to pass these exams. The three primary examinations schools may accept are CLEP, DSST, or Excelsior College exams. Students study on a schedule convenient to them to prepare for the exam. When ready, they schedule to take the test at a local testing center. Passing scores can be transferred into their degree program as credit. Nurses can earn some, if not all of the general education credits necessary for their degree program at local colleges. Nurses working on degrees from Excelsior College can also work on nursing requirements for the ADN or BSN degree.

The partnership benefits the state association in two ways. Members will have access to information about earning credit by examination, an option that gives them greater flexibility as they work toward degrees. Additionally, course purchases will generate some revenue for the state association which will aid in maintaining and improving services to association members.

Joe Ann Clark, EdD, RN, the Executive Director of the LSNA says, "The LSNA Board of Directors was pleased to become a partner with in this endeavor. They are aware that many nurses throughout the state wish to enhance their career opportunities by continuing their education. However, because of work schedules, they find it difficult. This arrangement will allow nurses to prepare for the examinations required to challenge many of the courses in their own homes as their time allows. For LSNA and the nurses of Louisiana, this is definitely a "win win" situation."

For more information, contact: Sue Perkins, Director of Marketing and Development