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August 6, 2004
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ASN Clinical Information

To prepare for the CPNE you must know these things:

About the CPNE
Educational Requirements
Skills Needed
Clinical Sites

About the CPNE
The Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination tests the application of the nursing process and the technical component of practice in the care of adults and children in the acute care setting.

Patients in this setting are experiencing potential, actual, and/or recurring health problems requiring maintenance and restorative interventions. The examination is organized around three phases of the nursing process: planning, implementation, and evaluation. The planning phase subsumes assessment and analysis of information necessary for diagnosis. Interventions based on sound assessments and diagnoses of patients' responses to their health problems are designed to maintain, restore, alleviate, and rehabilitate and are then evaluated for effectiveness.

Critical thinking, diagnostic reasoning, use of knowledge from nursing and related disciplines, and standards of care are measured in critical elements on this examination.

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Educational Requirements
Must have completed all seven (7) of your nursing exams and all but nine (9) hours of general education courses.

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Skills Needed
Lab Skills
IM, SC Injections & IVP/Bolus medications
Sterile Dressing Change
IV PB Drip rate

Overriding Areas of Care
Emotional Endangerment
Physical Endangerment

Selected Areas of Care
Abdominal Assessment
Comfort Management
Drainage Collection & Specimen Analysis
Enteral Feeding
General Survey
Musculoskeletal Management
Neurological Assessment
Oxygen Management
Pain Management
Patient Teaching
Peripheral Vascular Assessment
Personal Cleanliness
Respiratory Assessment
Respiratory Management
Wound & Skin Management

Required Areas of Care & Overriding Areas of Care are to be implemented in each PCS. In addition to these areas you will be assigned 3 selected areas of care for each PCS.

You will be expected to pass 2 adult PCSs and 1 pediatric PCS.

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Clinical Sites
Phoenix, AZ
Long Beach, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA
Atlanta, GA
Lawrenceville, GA
Columbus, OH
Albany, NY
Schenectady, NY
Syracuse, NY
Dallas, TX
Madison, WI
Racine, WI
Milwaukee, WI

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Applying to the CPNE
  • You must be enrolled in Excelsior College (formerly Regents College)
  • Request application from Excelsior College and return it
  • Waiting period for clinicals fluctuates according to demand
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