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June 12, 2002
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As many as 30 credits may be granted for successful completion of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) General Exams. The General Exams are available in English Composition, Social Sciences, Natural Science, and Humanities. Each exam is multiple choice and 90 minutes in length.

Students who have already taken courses which satisfy or partially satisfy General Education requirements will only be eligible for partial credit. Students who have previously enrolled in the General Education area requirements may not be eligible for credit through CLEP Exams.

Services Provided:
  • Testing for Placement and Proficiency, Coursework, and Career and Personal Counseling
  • Testing for College Credit, High School Credit and College Entrance
  • Testing for Graduate School Admissions
  • General information pertaining to tests
  • Test Scoring
For more information:
Director: Prasanna Reddy
Telephone: (801) 626-6803
Fax: (801) 626-7812
E-Mail: preddy@weber.edu
Mailing Address: 1112 University Circle, Ogden, UT 84408-1112
Location: Student Services Center, Room 262