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December 9, 2016

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DSST Preactice tests
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Purchase Options

Depending on what school you plan to attend, testing out of class with CLEP, DSST or ECE may save you 5% - 85% in tuition costs.

Here are your payment options: (Keep in mind that the options listed here do not include the costs of textbooks or the actual test. New textbooks can be purchased from the On-Line Bookstore. Used copies or e-books may also be available from our On-Line Book Store or other vendors. Test fees are paid to the testing center where you plan to take the exam.)
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Courses - one at a time

You may purchase your courses one at a time as needed. Course prices range from $210 - $240 and are available in one of two ways � online or workbook.

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If you need multiple courses, SmartClub offers the greatest savings. This is a subscription service. You pay one price and have access to online courses for a specific length of time. When your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to your courses. SmartClub is for online courses only. If you need a workbook, call us. We can work something out. (Statistics and College Algebra only come in workbook format and are not included in SmartClub.)
  • One-year SmartClub - $770 � Access to 14 online courses (was only 12!)
  • Two-year SmartClub - $990 � Access to all our online courses (was only 18!)
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