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June 27, 2017

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Carswell AFB was recognized as a superior performer because of their use of Rosetta Stone and's courses. Carswell AFB went from 5 graduates of the Community College of the Air Force to 77 graduates in one year and contributed to that success.

Chief Master Sgt. Wanda M. Dillon at Carswell Air Force Base in Ft. Worth, Texas

Thank you so much for your help! I have passed all my requirements for graduation with my BA in Music. Your company has helped me to gain 24 general education credits!

Maggie Bristol

Just passed today with an unexpected A! This has been the most difficult course for me, but with iStudySmart materials, I passed on my first try with an A!

Christine C.

iStudySmart helped me to complete 3 upper level required course requirements and achieve 'A's on my examinations. The assignments and exams helped me to focus on the information that would be expected of me. iStudySmart saved me time and money.


Yes! I passed with a score of 72 - the highest of my group of dsst test takers! I answered all the questions (797) in the study guide, and kept reviewing the answers over and over for about three weeks. I took the practice exam twice, and then focused on the ones I got wrong both times. After that, took the practice exam again. Each time I received a better score. I went into the exam confident I would do well, and came out quite excited and fulfilled in my accomplishment. I am glad I purchased the i Study Smart guide. Thanks!

Confident Test Taker

Yes it really does work. I used I study smart for all four of the nursing concepts exams and passed all four of them. It took me at 6 weeks per study guide.

Future RN

I'm in the process of getting my ADN. I have passed 5 of my nursing classes and have 2 more left before clinicals and english literacy class. It is possible to clep out of the nursing classes. I had a coworker that went through excelsior and passed everything and is now working as an RN! This is possible. I have found this to be much less stressful and I'm able to still work full time. Good luck, I hope I helped some.

Encouragement from Texas

I just finished the Excelsior Community-Focused Nursing exam and passed. Thanks iSudySmart. Your course prepared me for what I needed to know. I will next use your course to study for the Management in Nursing exam.

Manny Cooper

I graduated in the 2009 class of Excelsior College. I have been working in the intensive Care unit since passing State boards on March 19th. I started out taking the sociology class I purchased through They stuck with me with a process that made sense,works, as well as the encouragement to believe I could do it! The only tool I used to achieve my degree was initiative and iStudySmart's products. You can do it too!

Paul Cooper, R.N., ASN, PHRN

I'm a 39 year old nursing student working full time. I thought my study skills were pretty good until I failed Health Differences Across the Life Span 2. I got a B on my test studying with More structure helped me tremendously.

M. DePriest, Nurse

I was on for a while and there was a big test coming up. I did not think the 4test website was going to help me pass this test so thanks for creating this website (! I was able to pass the test with A's going across. I was helped with reading, math, science social studies, and language.


I took the Nursing Concepts 4 exam yesterday and passed with a C. I only have 3 more exams to go. I used another company study guide for Nursing Concepts 4 and got a D. It was the first exam that I studied for. Forum posting 10/09: I signed up with the SmartClub courses and so far I am impressed. The best part is that Excelsior recommends them and works with them...

R. Conner, LPN

I chose iStudySmart after seeing a little ad in Firehouse Magazine. I wanted to go to nursing school, but didn't think I could cut college having child custody & support issues. iStudySmart was the answer. After 5 long years of persistence I am poised to complete my last class, English Composition. I just returned from Syracuse, NY, Sunday after passing the CPNE! The CPNE was the hardest thing I've ever done, but if you learn the critical elements and take your time, you'll get through it.

These [iStudySmart] courses break down the material into a manageable size so you can do it around your schedule. Make no mistake; there are a lot of questions and a lot of work. Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint. Make your goal passing this test and then move on. If you keep looking for the finish line early on, you won't be able to see it and you can get frustrated and give up. Eventually, passing exam after exam, the finish line appears on the horizon and then right in front of you. You can do this!

P. Cooper, Paramedic

I just passed my CLEP for English Lit today! That makes 5 tests I've taken using iStudySmart, and have passed them all. I figure that by the time I've earned all the CLEP credits that my college will allow, I'll have saved $15,000 in tuition and about 9 months' worth time otherwise spent in classes. What a great company!

R. Lewerke

I have purchased from other vendors and even formulated internal study guides myself, with limited tangible effect. Your [] study materials, course and textbook, are cutting edge and directly applicable to the subject matter. You provide a viable one source vehicle that has shown to absolutely increase student interest and measurable success.

Becky, Thanks for your help. God's Grace to you now and always.

J. Adams, Education Officer; Yazoo, MS

I just took my exam in Criminal Justice after studying for 30 days and passed. Thank you the study guide! There is no way that I would have passed this exam. I have two more exams.

T. Liboma, Medical Assistant

I took my test today and passed with an A! It was hard, and my brain felt like mush by the time I was finished, and I was so proud of myself that I cried! Then again, it may be all these pregnancy hormones! Thanks for everyone's encouragement; if I can do it, I know other people can too!!! Good luck everyone!

B. Legendre

I have used from the very beginning. I am now CPNE qualified and waiting for a test date. While I wait, I am doing English Composition and starting to review for the NCLEXRN. In the beginning one wonders will this system really work and will I be able to make it all the way to the end. The answer is yes... it just takes time, work and lots of faith. You can make it too! Don't give up!!

Paul, Paramedic

I took the test this weekend and passed easily. 101 questions and the questions are definitely covered in the book. They are not like the practice exam. But if you study your book and take the practice exam you can pass easily!! Well off to my next book and test in two weeks! Enjoy and do not stress. Good test, good study stuff from

J. Park Jr.

I am a certified project manager that returned to school online about 4 years ago. Using I have taken 8 DSST tests and passed 7! (Personal Finance, Here's to Your Health, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Principles of Public Speaking, Human Resource Mgt., Fundamentals of Counseling, Intro to Law Enforcement.). This has helped me to earn 21 credits toward my degree in just 4.5 months. I plan to take two more DSST tests in the next month to finish!

The [ ]study guide, textbooks recommended, and sample exams are very helpful in reinforcing the basic principles for each test. Thanks for a great service!

T. Peterson, Program Manager, Medical Diagnostics Company

I am an adult continuing education. I work primarily in the Financial Services industry. I am a mother of three with a very hectic schedule. The study methods and the materials of enabled me to complete my degree requirements. I needed 3 more credits (1 course ) and I studied and passed Here's to Your Health the first time I tried.

K. Westbrook, Program Manager

Passed Nursing Concepts 4 today with an A! I can't thank enough. I only have two [courses] left, and have done every single class with Wish me luck on the last two! (Nursing Concepts 5 and 6, I've already done Foundations of Professional Practice)

T. Andrews

I just finished Microbiology and it was wonderful doing this in my own time. This program is perfect for the busy person. Thank you for helping me reach my goal. I have 5 more classes to go and I'm done. This was a perfect program for me.


I am currently a student at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing enrolled in the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner/MSN Program. I am slated to graduate in August of this year. I currently work as a Charge Nurse in the Neonatal ICU at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am 53 years old, the mother of six children, so many of my educational and career goals are being fulfilled in the last 6-8 year.

I had never taken Statistics in college, and had pretty much talked myself into being afraid of it. I had made somewhat of a last minute decision to start my Master's program, and of course, I had to have 3 hours of statistics credit. I managed to miss every summer course available due to family and work obligations, so I was at a loss what to do. I decided to try test out through the DSST exam, even though friends told me that was a near impossibility for someone like me with no advanced math skills. So I came across iStudySmart one day while looking for study aids in Statistics on the Internet. It was just the help I was searching for. Easy to use, repeatable with explanations for wrong answers!!! In a very short amount of time, I took the test and much to my amazement (and everyone else's)-- I passed! And now I'm almost ready to graduate with my Master's in Nursing...WOW!!! I have recommended iStudySmart to everyone I know who is looking for study help for college credit courses!

B. Hunt, RNC, MSNc

I've taken 11 DANTES exams and used a number of sources for study materials. This is the first time anyone has checked in with me to see how it went or how/if the materials were of assistance.

I took the Fundamentals of Counseling exam in February and passed. I appreciate the materials that provided. Going through the book and workbook was time intensive and the amount of writing was unbelievable but the information was good. The best part of the materials was the practice test after each chapter. The most difficult part (for me) was figuring out how I would synthesize all that information down to what was key for me to study.

Thank you for your follow-up. If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to help.

Future graduate,
J. Ireland

I'm a 39 year old adult student and have been an ER nurse since 1996. Two years ago I decided to finish my Bachelors degree in nursing. I completed the program but lacked one last credit! That last credit haunted me for a whole YEAR!

Enter! I needed to finish that one last haunting class, and my college accepted the Art of the Western World DSST test! Throughout my research kept popping up, so I checked it out one day. It was pretty clear that it was a fair deal... pay for a structured course, do the assignments and most importantly, PASS the test. Then add in the fact that it comes with a solid a money back grantee!

I went for it! Wow... what a difference a structured course makes. The information I learned and retained pales in comparison to ANYTHING I would have learned had I not used this course. There is so much information, that it would have been next to impossible to learn it without such structure.

The results came in the mail yesterday. ACE recommended score - 48, my score 64! Ohhh yea!

M. Roberts, ER Nurse-RN

I've been a sitter, a CNA, and now a nurse (10 yrs). I work full time on a Med. Surg. unit in a hospital. My hours are 12 hrs on the night shift. I have three teenagers, a husband, and now a sick mother that I am taking care of.

I found out about this program from a friend who did it. She found out about the problems I was having in traditional schools. I finished school in the late 90's and when I decided to go back under the bridge program I had to retake all of my core classes because my school was not accredited. That took the wind out of my sail. I did the bridge program but then I couldn't get into the nursing program because of the number of students that were applying. So I waited and waited to no avail. I looked you up and finally decided to try. I was not sure I could not handle it. I took my first class (Life Span Developmental Psychology) and passed with an A!!!!!!! I was so proud and my family was too.

I am on the way to getting the respect and pay I deserve. I'll do the work and shortly I will be able to get the rewards.

Cassandra, LPN

I'm an RN and work as an Oncology Nurse. I'm completing my BSN at Excelsior and I just passed my Leadership and Management Course. I plan to take Community Nursing next. I like how the exam gives an idea of how I am doing.

M. Fostveit, RN

Two more step down they yellow brick road. I passed Information Literacy in December and finished Nursing Concepts 4 today. Once again I got an A! Thank you for the kind comments and encouragement. You've been most helpful. It's not like traditional school where one has classmates going through it with you. It has been refreshing to have you as a resource person and just to drop a note once in awhile saying you're doing well. Honestly, when I ordered Sociology over 3 years ago, I didn't think I would even get through that. I didn't do well in high school because I was lazy. I figured I didn't have what I needed to cut college. I figured what would it hurt to try. Now I'm close to the end and the GPA is around 3.7. No one is more surprised than me!! If I can do it, anyone can. Incidentally, I pray going into every exam and have an army of friends and family doing the same. I'm sure that has been instrumental. There you have it. My formula for and prayer. Thanks again. Talk with you soon.

P. Cooper

Excelsior College and (by affiliation with Horizon Medical Center) afforded me an opportunity to obtain my nursing degree that wouldn't have otherwise been possible. Without the flexibility of studying at my own pace, and convenience of completing the courses in my own home, I would have never been able to accomplish this. Thank you for making it possible to achieve this goal!

By the way, I graduate January 19th !!!

D. Hayes

I have taken all my tests with, and have passed them far! I only have Nursing Concepts 3,4,5 and 6 left. I just passed Foundations of Professional Practice today with an A. I have also been working on it for about two years. I work a lot of hours, have a family, and limited funds, but hey...I'm getting there! You can definitely do it! I have found to be perfect for me.

T. Andrews

I'm a math tutor from Madison, AL. I needed a more in-depth study approach to prepare me for the upper-level tests I needed to pass. I passed Principles of Finance.

Mary Kate

Hi, just a note to say I chalked up another A. This one was on Nursing Concepts 3. I didn't do so well on Nursing Concepts 2. I broke my study habits. I did all the questions, studied my notes, but blew off working on the pre-test you provide. Big mistake! The C that I got proved that. I have been straight A's for quite awhile until then. This time I went back to the routine and it paid off. As I know you are aware, Nursing Concepts 3 is being broke up into smaller sections over 2 separate classes. I'm glad to have all the material covered in the present form of Nursing Concepts 3 and being moved on to Nursing Concepts 4, but it was a tough one just due to the mountain of information covered. I easily see why they broke it up and tend to think it was a good decision. Take care and as always feel free to post this.

P. Cooper

Thank you iStudySmart! It could have been harder for me to finish the course. I needed the structure, and most especially the practice tests. Those were the areas that really helped me a lot. I feel I got my money's worth in buying your courses. It took me 34 days to finish the assignment and the practice test. I work 4 days a week, 12 hours shift, and still got an "A". I am so pleased. Can't wait to start my Microbiology, I'm just waiting for my textbook. Yes, to all of you out there, it can be done. Thanks to you too Michelle!

C. Tuason

I worked as an IT manager for 7 years, and I am now trying to complete my B.S. Degree in Organizational Mgt. I also have an Associates degree in Electronic Engineering for ITT. I was able to CLEP 6 hours so far and plan to CLEP 9 more to complete my degree.

A. Crutcher

CRUSHED THE TEST USING THIS SITE! Received an A! Any questions ask me and I'll gladly reply...

K. Kumaroo

I started with several years ago to reach my goal of becoming an RN. The staff has been very helpful and the workbooks really helped me study. I have used for all my nursing exams and Lifespan. Yesterday I passed my CPNE. PRAISE GOD!!!

S. Bova

I took several online courses and I decided to try for my last class, Here's To Your Health. I completed Here's To Your Health and I finished my B.S. in Professional Aeronautics. This is a very interesting and educational course...a lot of material, but not too difficult. I also recommend this course for its lower cost, and flexible schedule. I studied your on-line sample test and I scored a 61, which is equivalent to a B grade.

Rick, Air Traffic Controller

Just wanted to let all the current students know, IT CAN BE DONE...I took my state boards and passed!!! Stay focused and don't give up!

C. Meador

I have completed all requirements including the CPNE...Now I'm waiting for Excelsior to send my transcripts to Virginia State Board of Nursing. My graduation date is March 17, 2006!

C. Meador

I just passed the Principles of Management CLEP test.

Flores, Small Business Owner

I just want to inform you that I took my CPNE and passed. I've passed all my nursing exams I'm ready to take the NCLEX soon. Thanks for the support and all the well written study guides.

B. Owoloja

I have used for most of my Excelsior College exams and have passed everyone. The most recent exam was Research in Nursing. Your multiple choice questions have proven to be much more difficult than the exams thus rendering me more prepared! An example is the Research in Nursing exam. I completed the 3 hr. exam in approx. 2 hours. I couldn't believe it was as easy as it appeared! I just received notification that I earned a B. Not bad for a typical B student.

Thanks a million and I have just a few classes left before I graduate with a BSN. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone!

S. Monaghan, RN

I am a paramedic in Brownsville. I passed my boards yesterday. Praise the Lord.

D Cachondo, EMT

Just returned from DSST. I took the Nursing Concepts 1 exam. That's my first nursing exam and am excited to say I got an A. Actually, that's the 3rd A in a row and brings my cumulative GPA up to 3.7. Needless to say I couldn't be more pleased with my performance and your products. I see some criticisms sometimes on Excelsior related Internet groups about your products having too many study questions and being too time consuming. I would simply say the results speak for themselves. Also, the goal is to become quality nurses, not just memorizing enough facts, as quickly as possible, to squeak by the tests only to forget it tomorrow. Frankly, I know nurses like that and don't care to be treated by them. Keep doing what you're doing it works.


P. Cooper

We thank you for the help you have given our son in achieving college credit while he was being homeschooled through high school. He was able to take CLEP exams in American History I & II, passing them both. That, plus several other CLEP exams he passed and taking post secondary education option courses (gaining double credits for both high school and college) he is now able to start full time at a local university with almost 2 years of college credit under his belt. Talk about considerable savings!! Thank you again for the opportunity this gave him. We will consider you in the future when our now 9 year old daughter is ready to take advantage of this.


L. Botts

I am currently a private practice massage therapist with 4 1/2 year old twins. I am working towards getting my teaching certification to become a special education teacher. With the help of iStudySmart I have tested out of more than 48 credits worth of coursework. I have completed my BA degree in under a year (I already had my associates), and I am now working on my BSBM for which I also plan on using exams to complete most of the requirements. With 4 1/2 year old twins and my own business I couldn't have done it any other way!

E.K. from N.J., Future Teacher

I am a 27-year-old RN, Paramedic working for an air medical service. Getting my RN has moved me up the ladder of success! helped me complete my RN degree with their courses for Life Span Developmental Psychology, Nursing Concepts, and Microbiology.

A. Terry

I took the Lifespan test on Monday the 12th and walked away with another "A". That brings my current GPA up to 3.6. I am saving English Comp till the end so I have just begun Nursing Concepts 1. I am so excited to finally be working on the actual nursing content. All the hard work in the preliminary subjects is paying off!

The order you suggested has worked so well! Each class has built on the previous one. Sociology, Ethics, Biology, Micro, A&P;, Lifespan, now Nursing 1. For example I am currently going over cultural & ethnic aspects of nursing, most of which I had in Sociology.

Well, there you have it. Thanks again for all the help thus far, especially all the advice on keeping costs down.

P. Cooper

I took Nursing Concepts 6 yesterday and Praise God!! passed with a B. I have used courses for all of my studies.

S. Bova

I have finished my course requirements for graduation...I passed 9 DSST (used by DANTES)tests with your help.! Thank you!

J. Deaton

Just found out I passed Ethics! Hooray!

T. Andrews

I took the study course [Here's to Your Health], and passed the test. It was the last 3 credits I needed to get my bachelor's degree. Great Stuff!! I couldn't have gotten finished as quickly without taking the review classes and then the test. This is my second test [using materials].

C. Hedrick

I was able to CLEP two Humanities classes and I am now working on my last class. I should be able to CLEP that class in another two weeks. These are the last of my electives and I wish I had found your site sooner.


B. Messer

Please tell everyone there that my Associate in Science degree from Excelsior College arrived in the mail yesterday. I only used resources from MEP/ to get my degree. I would like to thank everyone there for helping me get it!


L. Griggs

Another class done. Passed Anatomy & Physiology with an A!! So far I'm done with Sociology, Ethics, Biology, Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology. I started Life Span Development today.

P. Cooper

I passed my boards on May 3, 2005 after completing the Excelsior College ADN program March 18th, 2005. I liked the study materials provided by and love the online versions they now have.


K. Austin

[Using, I was] able to get credits without taking classes. Just got 6 hours, and I am working on 3 more to complete my degree. I took the course for Analyzing and Interpreting Literature. There were lots of questions for review. I passed the test the first time.

C. Hedrick

Thanks you so much! I used your study material for the Drug and Alcohol Abuse test and I passed. As a result, I quickly gained (3) college credits!


T. Peters

I appreciate your help this past 2 years. It was nice knowing there was someone there for me.

I tell everyone about the program. I definitely could not have prepared as well without Excelsior gives you a general syllabus, but your questions really help me put it together in a way I can understand. I was able to set a timeframe for studying since I knew how many questions there were, how many do I needed to do a day, etc. I SAVED money on books, too. Everything I needed was in the books your program recommended. Excelsior wanted me to buy many more books.

So, I have no regrets, I know people just go directly through Excelsior, but I needed that extra guidance to give me confidence.



I like because the cost of the other programs seem so much more, with you can buy one course at a time and there are no hidden fees. I started with Lifespan Development, I like the written course since I was able to take it and do questions wherever. I bought my Lifespan textbook either on Ebay or at a great price. I was a little nervous about the test but I feel the course really helped me prepare well, I passed with an A. The staff at are also very helpful


S. Bova has allowed me to work at my own pace to gain college credits toward my Bachelor's degree in Nursing. Because I am a mother of 2 children, ages 8 and 14, I cannot attend college classes full time on campus. This website has allowed me to balance classes and learning with home life.

I took the CLEP exam this morning and passed!! YES!!!!


M. Kendall, Nursing Student

Just wanted to let you know I survived another class. Passed Microbiology with a 'B'. I'm on to Anatomy & Physiology.


P. Cooper

I passed Nursing Concepts 5 with an A this morning! Only 3 more classes to go, then I am done!


B. Cadrain
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I am a work-at-home mother of two who used your online course for the Drug and Alcohol Abuse exam and I passed. In December 2004, I graduated with my Bachelor's degree!

Thank you for giving me another option to earn college credit.

L. Shandor, Medical Transcriptionist

I just wanted to thank you for all the help with my English Comp studies. I passed the class with a B! I am SO proud of that grade! I am sure I couldn't have done it without the support from! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Biology is next! But hey, I am 12 credits closer to my degree now!

T. Andrews

Just a quick note to say THANKS. I purchased 4 study programs through your company for the DSST exams -- I am happy to report that I passed all 4 tests -- with higher than average scores. University of Phoenix accepted all four test scores and awarded me 12-college credits -- enough for me to finish my degree and graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management. I should also mention that by taking the DSST exams, I saved over $4,800 in tuition expense - FANTASTIC.

Thanks again to you and "" for all of your help, support and guidance.

All the best,

J. Bond; Pasadena, CA

I had ordered your American History I and II for my homeschooled highschool aged son to study for his History requirements. I am pleased to report that he passed the American History I CLEP test!!!! Next week he takes the second one. Wish us luck!

L. Botts

I am currently 34 years old and after having gained a BA in Interior design decided to change my career path. I must say that I have subscribed to other test prep companies and yours is by far the most rewarding when it comes down to results. I have just taken the Fundamentals of Counseling DSST (used by DANTES)exam and aced it with ease. Thank you so much for all the help.

F. Rivera

Passed NC 3!!! The test was difficult because of the wide variety of material covered, but definitely doable.

R. Craig

I got an A!

P. Warner

I was downsized from my position at work. I decided the only way to stop being so expendable at work was to get a BS degree under my belt. So I enrolled in Houghton College. In order to meet the admission requirements I needed 6 credits fast. The Academic Advisor gave me 21 days to take a DSST (used by DANTES)exam for 3 credits in order to be considered for classes starting on March 25, 2003.

So I looked into your courses offered to help me pass this DSST (used by DANTES)exam in 30, 60 or 90 days, I had 21 days. I purchased Drug & Alcohol Abuse. After [studying thoroughly], I was still a little nervous, however, 21 days later I took the DSST exam. According to my Academic Advisor, I aced my exam. Thank You!!

S. Kaney, Full time Student

I procrastinated on finishing my CIS degree leaving the classes that could be OCLEPed1 for the end. I didn't know how to study for a CLEP test and thought I'd try these [] courses. I did not like the price of the course and the book, but it was worth it to get credit for a course without wasting my time attending classes.

I passed the American Lit CLEP which was very difficult. I'm waiting on the results of the Org Behavior test. I took the Sociology CLEP last online and got my score immediately, which is great. I studied for 6 days and got a 70! One more test to go, and I'll graduate Summa Cum Laude on 11 May with my BS in Computer and Information Science.

T. Anderson, US Air Force CMSgt

I have gone back to school to get a second degree and needed a health credit and this ( courses) was much cheaper than a full course. I did not have time to take the DSST (used by DANTES)Here�s to Your Health more than once so the courses fit the bill.

I have taken my DSST Here's to Your Health and got a high score.

S. Farrell, Business Information Systems Manager

I am a stay-at-home mother...working on my K-8 teacher certification. I have completed both the Introductory Psychology and the Ethics courses through I am currently working on Social Science & History and American Literature. Because there are no time limits to, I can study when I have time available. With a 10 month old baby here at home, I never know when that will be so it is a perfect situation to be able to set my own schedule. I passed the CLEP for Introductory Psychology and the DSST for Ethics with ease after using these courses.

A. Consani, Mom

I studied for 6-8 weeks religiously everyday and used the iStudySmart assignments and sample tests coupled with the DSST (used by DANTES)Test Outline. I learned I passed today with a 68 [That's an 'A']! I'm so excited! This study method works and I highly recommend it to all!

L Forsythe, BSIT Major

I have passed Nursing Concepts I, II, and III, with a B, B, and A, respectively thanks to your courses. They work!! They guide you through what seems to be an overwhelming amount of information quickly and efficiently. I am looking forward to finishing up the last three courses and have confidence that I will be as successful on them as the first three, Thanks!

M. Petrasek

I enrolled with approximately 6-8 weeks ago in anticipation of enrolling with Excelsior College. Since that time I have researched a number of distant educational course providers. In doing so, I found that can fulfill 30 of the 36 hours that I need to complete my degree. I spoke with one of your representatives, Don, on June 20th, who answered several questions that I had. This past Monday Night, June 23rd, I ordered my first 2 courses, via the Internet. With expectations of receiving the study materials and books by the end of the week or early next week, I was pleasantly surprised to receive them about 2 hours ago. Great Customer Service !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


F. Graves

It was a personal goal to return to school for my BSN when my son graduated from High School. But due to relocating twice I had to delay my dreams for about 4 years. Now I have started and completed 2 of my core courses (Biology and American Literature) that I will need for my BSN. I passed my 2nd CLEP test yesterday. It felt good to complete and pass. works well for me doing online courses due to working 12 hour shifts. After 30 plus years out of college I thought I might be crazy starting over. But it truly does work!

P. Moody - RN

I am an LPN on a maternity floor. I graduated from nursing school August of 2002, received my license in October 2002 and finished my RN courses for Excelsior on April 7, 2003. I will do my CPNE in August 2003. All is going well and I will sit for boards in the fall of 2003.

I used materials for Nursing Concepts 3 and I passed with a B. The test questions were very close to the ones that were used on the actual exam.

A. Black

I am 46 years old father of two wonderful adopted children from S. Korea (4 & 5 yrs. old), and husband of almost 25 years. I am a former banker, but turned Auctioneer four years ago after several mergers. I am enrolled in Excelsior College and have about 5-6 classes remaining to finish my Bachelors degree in Business. Getting a degree is a personal goal.

I have been out of the classroom for about 20 years. I was scared to death to be going back to school with 18 and 19 year olds. Your company has helped me know what to study without wasting time. I am using your course (Principles of Management) to help me through a course that I am taking through a local community college. I should get an "A" or high "B" in the course.

E. Rogers

I took the Gerontology exam and made an 'A'. I used your course because it was less expensive, flexible and was exactly what I needed.

N. Hodges, RN

[I] passed [the Life Span Development] test in about 30 days and got a "A" !

D. Ellison

Thanks for the follow up. I would like to inform you that I did excellent with all the 4 nursing classes I took through iStudySmart. The content is always right to the point and no messing around. It feels like reading "readers digest", that's how easy the study guide helps me cruise through the textbook. I am on my last nursing class which is research in nursing then I have 3 electives to go before putting that BSN in my pocket for safe keeping.

M. Ceesay, Minnesota

Hi, I am currently an ICU nurse at a community hospital. I was an LPN who completed the Regents College ASN program in 2000. Because I was working full time, conventional college just wasn't possible. With the excellent materials I purchased from you, I was able to complete my degree in 22 months, and graduated with honors. I am currently doing courses towards my BSN through as I had such great success with my ASN through them.

Remember, you can do it! Just stay motivated!!!
A. Hoover, RN

I recently passed the CLEP Introductory Psychology exam, after using the course to prepare. I hadn�t done any college work in over a decade, and the course proved to be a wonderful tool indeed. Thanks to the thorough preparation I gleaned through the course, I scored high enough on the Introductory Psychology exam to be awarded an 'A' through my college.

Thanks iStudySmart!
H. Johnson, Helicopter Pilot

I am a 37 year old father of 2 who recently returned to school. Currently I'm pursuing my bachelor's degree in Information Technology, and I needed a few extra credits. Instead of returning to campus, I decided to try a CLEP exam.

At first I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of questions and information they wanted me to learn. But I started working the questions and found that writing the answers on my own helped me process the information better. Today I took the History of the United States 2 exam - and passed!

F.V. Green

I was a Computer Network Administrator; but presently studying to become a Nurse, in the light of the gloomy economy, and it's effects on the IT industry. [Studying with] has cut down the chase to the bare essentials enabling me to know the "bases" that I need to cover. I just aced the Microbiology exam. You have made it a Merry Christmas for me. Keep up the good job.


Just thought I'd let you know that I have aced both classes I have taken so far...

Great program!

Extremely busy mom, nurse, student
L. Grosse

I just wanted to say thank you for your web site. With the help of your site, I have taken and passed 2 tests, CLEP US History I, and ECE History of Nazi Germany. Your guidelines truly work. While it is up to the individual to take advantage of what is offered, and to work and study hard to get the results needed, your site is a great helping hand along the way.

P. Kelly's comprehensive and up-to-date Resource Guides were invaluable in preparing me for CLEP, DSST and GRE exams. Through reading the texts, completing suggested assignments and taking sample quizzes I was fully prepared to pass my various exams. Many thanks to the folks at for providing me with these economical and effective Resource Guides.

M. Heffernan

I give tremendous thanks to your online course for Human Growth and Development because I can ecstatically report back to you that I just passed the CLEP exam with flying colors ! My success is attributable to the excellent textbook, assignments, and review questions which prepared me for the CLEP exam. Now I am ready to take my second online course with!

J. Mulroy

I just returned from taking my first test at the local DSST office. I took the Foundations of Gerontology exam and got an "A". I used the iStudySmart computer format to study for the exam and was very pleased with it. I knew upon arriving at DSST that I was ready and expected an "A", certainly no less than a "B". Bring on the Anatomy and Physiology!


I am a Student Nurse soon to be Graduate Nurse! I am a Farmer's wife, mother of 2, LPN since 1980, work part time.

I took my last 2 classes with and got a B in Ethics Oct 25th and got a B also in Abnormal Psychology Now I am all set to graduate approximately in December. Then sit for boards...Thank you for help making it possible!

K. Doran

Thank you so much for your efforts and expeditious attention to my request. It's nice to know that things with have started off on a good foot! Great customer service! Thanks again.

A. Esposito

I am very pleased with the program. I used one study guide so far and passed the test. Currently I am working on my second study guide. I find them very helpful, time saving, and they cover the material that the college requires. The practice test gives good examples related to the actual test.

H. Martinez

Hello everyone!
I wanted to say a very special thank you for all the wonderful people that helped me get up and running on your wonderful site. Becky, for speaking so kindly and patiently, answering my questions. Thank you for being enthusiastic and pleasant. Jennifer, for responding so promptly to Becky's emails since she's out of town and for explaining things even further. Robert, for signing me up and for also being so supportive. And finally for Robert who stayed with me until the very end! Muchos Gracious, for a wonderful staff of very supportive, patient and kind people you have working for you. I'd just thought you'd like to know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

P. Zaccaria

I've already given all the information regarding to my Director of Nursing and a couple of other co-workers. I just can't say enough good things. Thanks again for all your help!

C. Barclay