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December 9, 2016

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Earn Your ASN

Complete College Credit Without Attending Class

You CAN earn your ASN degree! courses are designed to help you pass CLEP, DSST (used by DANTES), or ECE exams to earn credit by examination so you CAN earn your ASN degree. Over 3800 colleges and universities will let you apply credit earned by examination toward your degree.

Whether you plan to earn your degree from a college in your home town, through Excelsior College, or another school, can help.

Look at the example below. The charts provide a clear explanation of how our process works. You will notice in both cases, materials provided testing out possibilities, saving the student money on college completion. (Remember, the policies may vary by school.)

Study at your pace in your space!

These are 2 examples of the many ASN programs available.

Excelsior College ASN Program University of Arkansas@ Little Rock
ASN Program (AR residents only)

How long will it take? 12-24 months.
Qualifications needed to participate LPN/LVN, RT, Paramedic, more...
Accreditation NLNAC & MSACS
General Education Requirements 31 hours*
Nursing hours 36 hours*
Total Semester hours
(Most of these hours can be earned by testing out. Some hours must be done online.)
67 hours
(more info)
Clinicals 1 courses can help you earn most of your general education and nursing hours with CLEP, DSST, or ECE exams.

*You may already have some of these credits.

Find out more about Excelsior College...
Remember, Excelsior College is an example of one of many online universities with an ASN program.

How long will it take? 3-4 semesters
Qualifications needed to participate Licensed LPN or LPTN more...
Accreditation NLNAC & NCACS
General Education Requirements 31 hours
Nursing 39 hours*
Total Semester hours
(Some of these hours can be earned by testing out. The remainder are completed in the classroom.)
70 hours
Clinicals Completed locally with preceptor. courses can help you earn some of the general education and/or nursing hours with CLEP, DSST, or ECE exams.

* For Nursing Curriculum support courses at UALR which can be earned by exam, click here...
  • Find out if you qualify - check the school's website or with an admissions counselor.
  • Determine what course credit can be earned by CLEP, DSST or ECE.
  • Study, Take your test, Transfer the credit!
Remember, University of Arkansas at Little Rock is an example of one of many traditional universities with an ASN program that accepts some credit by examination.

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