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December 17, 2001

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Degree Completion Requirements

Elective Requirements (15 semester hours)
The elective requirements are satisfied by transferring previously earned credit or credit by examination (CLEP or DANTES). We have over 50 online study courses to help you earn college credit. To see a brief course description, simply click on the course link.

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Natural SciencesExamCreditCost
General BiologyCLEP6$119
Natural SciencesCLEP6$119
*College AlgebraCLEP3$199
American LiteratureCLEP6$119
Analyzing and Interpreting LiteratureCLEP6$99
Religions of the WorldDANTES3$99
English LiteratureCLEP6$119
*English Composition with EssayCLEP6$199
Social SciencesExamCreditCost
Introductory PsychologyCLEP3$99
Introductory SociologyCLEP3$99
Introduction to Educational PsychologyCLEP3$99
Life Span DevelopmentDANTES3$99
Human Growth and DevelopmentCLEP3$99
History of the U.S. ICLEP3$99
History of the U.S. IICLEP3$99
Principles of MacroeconomicsCLEP3$99
Principles of MicroeconomicsCLEP3$99
Social Science & HistoryCLEP6$119
Western Civilization I CLEP3$99

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