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December 10, 2016

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DSST Preactice tests
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Thank you for choosing the Smart way to Complete College Credit! You are ready to start studying for your test and earning college credit for your passing score. Here are some brief instructions to help you get off to a great start. If you would like more detailed instructions on how to use our courses, look at our course demo.

Using Your Courses
Once you have received your textbook, you can begin answering the assignment questions. We have done the research for you and written questions to guide you to what you need to learn.
  • Online course - Begin your course by clicking on the course you have purchased under Courses Purchased.
  • Workbook course - Get out your pen or pencil and get to work.
Here you will have the following categories:
  • Assignments
    This is the main section you will be using. Here's the process:
    • Read the assignment.
    • Refer to the page number of the textbook below 'Find the answer'.
    • Type your answer in the box provided. (Obviously, if you have a workbook, you'll write in the space provided. It's hard to type in a workbook.)
    • Click on "Save" to save your answer, or
    • Click "Skip question" and go directly to the next question. (Again, workbook users have it easy here - once it's written, it's saved, and you can skip all you want without clicking anything.)

  • Sample Exam
    The multiple-choice practice exam is for testing your knowledge of the material. Click on any of the buttons to enter your choice, then click "Save" to save your answer. If you have a workbook, the answer key to your practice exam will be in the back of the workbook.

    • Reset Sample Exam
      If you want to take the exam more than once, you can reset the exam here and clear all your previous answers.
    • Exam Summary
      This button will show you how well you did on your exam.

    If you have a workbook course, you can find this information on our website. If you need help, please contact us.
  • About this course
    This link tells you what the course covers and who authored the study material. The writers have done the research about the test you're going to take, so they have the best viewpoint for the writing of the course.

  • Textbooks
    This button will pop up a smaller window providing a link for the textbook(s) that goes with the course. You will find the ISBN number, author, etc. If you didn't purchase your textbook(s) when you bought your course, you can use purchase them from our On-Line Bookstore after you complete your course purchase.

  • Special Instructions
    There are special instructions for your course. The button is located beside the assignments. Be sure to read through them before starting your course. They could save you some time! In workbook courses, this information is in the front of your workbook.

  • Acrobat Reader
    In order to read the PDFs that we offer you in these courses, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. It's a free download from Adobe and quite simple to install. Most computers come with a version already installed...but not all computers. In order to read the 'Pass Your Exam' information you will need to have a copy of this handy program.
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    When you are logged in, you will see your name at the top-left of the screen under the date. This is your very own home page. You are the only one authorized to have access to your courses and account information. If you are NOT working from your home computer, be sure to 'sign out' when you are finished working for the day. To log in, enter your unique username and password in the space provided on the left and click "Go." (If you forget your username or password, contact us - 800-737-2222 or

  • My Profile
    Located under your name, 'My Profile' lets you modify your account. You can change personal information, billing information, courses needed, Smart Reward balance, and your password. To find out more about this area, go here.

  • Sign Out
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  • Smart Rewards
    Learn about how to earn money toward your courses using our referral program.

  • Course Demo
    Find everything you need to know about courses in our online demonstration.

  • Purchased or Subscribed Courses
    This is your list of the courses you have purchased. You can access a course by clicking on the link.

  • Courses To Purchase
    This is your "wish" list of the courses you have selected to purchase but have not yet bought. You may click on a course to see an overview of the subject matter and add it to your shopping cart at your convenience.

  • Tests and Testing Centers
    This is great information you'll need about the costs for the test and how to schedule your test. You will also find links to the web pages for each test's website where test center locations are listed.

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    Find out general information about our company here.

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