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December 10, 2016

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Evaluation of Credits

Earn College Credit Without Attending Class

10 Easy Steps to Maximize your Time and Minimize your Expense with our Proven Study Systems to Earn College Credit

To help you determine which course(s) you can utilize to earn college credit by credit-by-exam please do the following:

  1. Determine what degree you wish to pursue.
  2. Contact the college or university (school) you wish to attend.
  3. Obtain a transcript evaluation from the school that lists their required curriculum and which course you will need to complete your degree.
  4. Ask the school which courses they will allow you to test out of by passing the following standardized exams:
  5. a. DSST Exam

    b. CLEP Exam

    c. ECE (Excelsior College) Exam

  6. Review the courses on the website to determine which courses we offer that meet your needs while ensuring you do not exceed the maximum credit-by-exam credits allowed.
  7. Double check with the school to ensure the courses you selected meet the requirements of the college or university.
  8. Log in to and register with a username and password.
  9. Purchase the study system(s) which you need.
  10. Utilize the study systems as directed to pass the standardized exam.
  11. Once you have passed the standardized exam, the testing center will transfer your credit to the school of your choice.