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December 18, 2016

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How to Manage 'My Profile'

Click the 'My Profile' link located above or the link located under your name in the gray area on the left. You can quickly modify the following categories:
Personal Information
Update your information such as username, and email address. Be sure to keep your email address current so you can receive information and specials from

Shipping Information
Update your shipping information here, or change your information to something other than your mailing address (i.e. work address).

Edit Credit Card Information
If you purchase using a credit card, you can change your credit card or update your expiration date.

Change Password
Be sure to keep your password in a safe place. You will need to know your current password to create a new password.

Change My Courses
This allows you to select courses you are interested in purchasing. You can also deselect a course if it no longer meets your needs.

Change My Test Centers
Different exams require different test centers. Go here to find the nearest center to you.

Smart Rewards Details
When someone purchases a course using your email address as the referrer, you get money towards your next purchase. Keep track of how much you've earned here.

Receipts from Previous Purchases
Print receipts from purchases you've made or have your receipts emailed to you.

Manage My Subscription (only seen by subscribers/SmartClub users)
If you are a subscriber, this link is where you are able to resubscribe, see when your subscription expires and what courses you have access to.