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  • Have College Credits? Want to Transfer Them but Don't Know Where They'll be Accepted?


    Do you have college credits and want to transfer them, but don’t know which college will accept the most? One solution that the National Education Alliance is bringing to the table in order to help transfer students save time, money, and guesswork is their Counseling Center. The National Education Counseling Center is a digital database of over 300 colleges and universities that compares thousands of degrees side-by-side. It starts its customized plan for each student by first looking at the college credit students have already earned. This isn’t just credit earned from other colleges. It considers:


    • Courses taken at other colleges in the past

    • College credit for military training

    • College level examinations

    • College credit for professional training at nearly 1,000 corporations and government agencies

    • College credit for professional certification and licenses


    By examining each individual student’s maximum amount of potential college credit, the Counseling Center guarantees you never lose a transferrable college credit. After pooling together all possible credit, the Counseling Center then provides a list of potential colleges. These colleges can then be sorted and compared by accepted transfer credit, tuition cost, degrees awarded, state, and more. You also get support from a real counselor before, during, and after your decision.


    Are You Ready to Find Out Which College Will Accept the Most of Your Credits?

    iStudySmart.com is giving you free membership into the National Education Alliance which includes a $100 savings toward the Counseling Center.  Use Coupon Code iSSSAVE and start saving today!


    For more info on the Counseling Center, visit www.nationaleducationalliancecc.com/


    To become a member of the National Education Alliance and receive $100 savings toward the counseling center, visit http://www.nationaleducationalliance.com/about-us/BecomeAMember.aspx


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