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  • Top Five Online Learning Myths

    Which one is keeping you from getting started?

    Myth #1: Online courses are easy.

    Not true. Online courses can be just as challenging as traditional programs provided you earn your degree from an accredited online university with a well-respected, challenging curriculum.  As online learning grows, education experts predict that online education will actually be more effective than classroom learning with the next few years.

    Myth #2: Employers won’t recognize my online degree.

    Wrong. The large number of online learners (over 5 million and growing daily) are helping employers realize that "online" is simply another way to learn. The truth is, employers like the idea of having a more knowledgeable, motivated staff. Many employers appreciate the fact that online learning is less intrusive to an employee’s work schedule and obligations. And employers now realize they aren’t sacrificing quality either in hiring online graduates.

    Myth #3: Online students miss out on student resources and social interaction.

    Wrong again. Online learners realize that their education is more than just studying. That’s why they seek a plethora of learning resources to enhance their online experience. Online libraries, mentors, student communities—it’s all available if you know where to look. All you have to do is take advantage of it!

    Myth #4: Online programs are too expensive.

    There is some truth to this one. In reality, some online schools are quite expensive. It all depends on the school. 

    Myth #5: All online degree programs are the same.

    This is the biggest myth of all. Just like their on-campus counterparts, online institutions vary tremendously. You really have to do your homework.


    Western Governors University (WGU) has established a partnership with iStudySmart.com to expand educational opportunities.  iStudySmart.com prepares you to pass CLEP, DSST & ECE exams.  The guided study courses help you learn what you need to pass these tests – saving you thousands of dollars on college tuition.  After you’ve passed the standardized exams and received your transferrable credit, you’re ready to transfer them into WGU.

    As the nation’s only online, competency-based, nonprofit university, WGU offers accredited degree programs designed to enhance job skills and improve career opportunities.  WGU has a unique history and noble mission. Created by the governors of 19 U.S. states to expand access to higher education, WGU’s tuition is less than half what other online institutions and traditional universities charge. WGU is the only university to have received simultaneous accreditation by four regional accrediting commissions and the only exclusively online teacher education institution to receive NCATE accreditation.

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  • The National Education Alliance Counseling Center: Advocates for the Students Served

    Have you considered going back to college and earning a degree to help you compete for promotion in this tough economic climate?  You’re not alone.  In fact, more than 18 million students are pursuing degrees across the nation today!

    The majority of adult learners, because of busy schedules and commitments, cannot take time off to attend classes on campus.

    More Than 5 Million Of These Adult Learners Are Pursuing Degrees At A Distance.

    Hundreds of colleges and universities offer thousands of degrees at a distance. How can anyone know which college or university is right for them?  The National Education Alliance Counseling Center empowers students to compare where they stand toward thousands of degrees at a distance from hundreds of accredited colleges and universities nationwide – that’s how you can know!

    Far too many students discover that much of the credit they have earned in the past will not apply toward the degree and/or college they are interested in.  The problem is that they presume losing credit in transfer is simply the price one has to pay when transferring to a different college or university.  That doesn’t have to be the case. 

    The experts at the National Education Alliance Counseling Center build electronic education records for students which include every potential source of college credit earned in the past.  Then, this electronic education record is systematically merged into the curricula of numerous degrees matching the student’s desired area of study and level of degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate).  The best options for the student to consider (based on his or her unique academic accomplishments and stated needs, goals, and desires) are then presented in detailed degree plans for review. 

    Dare to compare – that’s what the National Education Counseling Center empowers students to do so they can make an informed decision before investing their money, time, and effort into pursuing the degree.  Every student receives several degree plans to consider from the professional team at the National Education Alliance Counseling Center.  When the student is ready to apply for admission, we even transmit the chosen degree plan to the participating college or university and request a courtesy pre-admission review to make sure the student has a clear understanding of what the future holds. 

    And the counseling center’s job is still not complete, they provide a continuum of counseling support from exploration to admission and onward to graduation. 

    You see, every semester, when the student is preparing to enroll in the next course or two at the college, the counseling center’s staff is available to guide them in the use of iStudySmart.com courses and the hundreds of resources that are available on the student support website, to help them make maximum use of nationally recognized college level examinations.  These examinations are accepted by more than 2,800 accredited colleges and universities across the nation.

    However, with the National Education Alliance Counseling Center at your side as your advocate, they will guide you in the use of iStudySmart.com courses in concert with courses taken from the participating college. This accelerates your progress to degree completion, while saving a considerable amount of time and money along the way. 

    The National Education Alliance Counseling Center is your advocate, providing you with a lifetime of support! Make loss of credit in transfer a thing of the past.  Get the credit you deserve with our support!

    Visit www.nationaleducationalliancecc.com


    Are You Ready to Find Out Which College Will Accept the Most of Your Credits?

    iStudySmart.com is giving you free membership into the National Education Alliance which includes a $100 savings toward the Counseling Center.  Use Coupon Code iSSSAVE and start saving today!


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  • What You Need to Know About Online Learning

    iStudySmart.com has entered into an educational alliance with Kaplan University. By partnering with Kaplan, iStudySmart.com is helping you earn a degree online, at a reduced tuition rate, so that you can have a richer career.


    What is online learning all about?

    As an accredited university, Kaplan University has demonstrated that it meets the rigorous standards of quality established by higher education accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. 


    The increased awareness of the quality of online degree programs is also driving greater acceptance by both adult learners and employers. Eduventures, an independent education research company, recently highlighted the following statistics regarding online degree enrollment: 


    • By 2010, online learners will represent 10 percent of all degree-seeking students.
    • Enrollment in online degree programs is the principal force driving growth in U.S. postsecondary education enrollment.
    • Online academic institutions (like Kaplan University) grew enrollment by 54 percent since 2004 versus only 7 percent enrollment growth by traditional nonprofit universities. 

    Online degree programs greatly appeal to adult learners for a variety of reasons. First, Fortune 500 corporations are establishing alliances with online universities, like Kaplan, as a way to further educate their employees. These alliances provide employees with a reduced tuition rate, which allows them to maximize their company’s tuition assistance program.


    Kaplan University’s online degree programs also allow you to pursue your degree while maintaining your career and family commitments. You can continue to focus on your career while obtaining the new knowledge and educational background often required for advanced career success. 


    Lastly, Kaplan University’s online courses allow you to work on projects that reflect your interest and work responsibilities, allowing you to connect your learning to your existing knowledge base and work experience.


    Is Kaplan University a respected education provider?

    Kaplan University has over 100 different degree programs in a variety of disciplines including business, criminal justice, education, information technology, legal studies, and health care. Many programs allow you to tailor your educational program to your career goals.


    It is also important to know that we are part of a company that has a long history and tradition of being an academic pioneer and career-maker. Founded in 1938, Kaplan, Inc., is a leading global provider of educational and career services for individuals, schools, and businesses. The company serves more than one million students annually and has four main areas of focus: Kaplan Kids and Schools, Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions, Kaplan Professional, and Kaplan Higher Education, of which Kaplan University is a part. A subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, Kaplan Inc., had 2007 revenues of more than $2 billion. Earning your degree at Kaplan University means that you can become part of this rich tradition of quality education.

    Do I have what it takes to be a successful online student?

    If you are a working professional hungry to pursue new career possibilities, an online degree is definitely worth considering. Yet, while Kaplan University can provide the rigorous online educational experience you are looking for, only you can determine if it is right for you.  Successful online learners …   


    • Show self-motivation: Successful online learners understand that the freedom and flexibility provided by online programs comes with individual responsibility because most of the online learning happens on your schedule. Learning online requires a student to be committed to their educational goals.  
    • Make a time commitment: One of the myths about online education is that it is easier than traditional classroom programs. That is not the case. Online programs offer a rigorous academic experience; they just happen to be more flexible and accommodating to working adult learners.
    • Have a support system: Successful online learners do a wonderful job of eliciting the support of work colleagues, family, and friends. Because of the time commitment involved in pursuing a degree online, it helps to surround yourself with people who respect what you are trying to do. 

    How do I learn more about enrolling at Kaplan University?

    If you are ready to pursue your goal of earning a degree online and feel that Kaplan University is the right choice for you, contact a Kaplan University Admissions Advisor to get started. Your Admissions Advisor will determine if you have transfer credits or experiences which could count toward your degree. They will also figure out which program is right for you based on your career goals. Lastly, your Admissions Advisor will explain financial options including how to maximize the reduced tuition rate provided to all Nurse Together employees.


    To learn more and to get started, check out the Kaplan University website designed for iStudySmart.com at www.istudysmart.kaplan.edu or call 800.926.9836 (Toll Free).


    --  Article by Dr. Robert Rodriguez, Assistant Dean at Kaplan University

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