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  • The National Education Alliance Counseling Center: Advocates for the Students Served

    Have you considered going back to college and earning a degree to help you compete for promotion in this tough economic climate?  You’re not alone.  In fact, more than 18 million students are pursuing degrees across the nation today!

    The majority of adult learners, because of busy schedules and commitments, cannot take time off to attend classes on campus.

    More Than 5 Million Of These Adult Learners Are Pursuing Degrees At A Distance.

    Hundreds of colleges and universities offer thousands of degrees at a distance. How can anyone know which college or university is right for them?  The National Education Alliance Counseling Center empowers students to compare where they stand toward thousands of degrees at a distance from hundreds of accredited colleges and universities nationwide – that’s how you can know!

    Far too many students discover that much of the credit they have earned in the past will not apply toward the degree and/or college they are interested in.  The problem is that they presume losing credit in transfer is simply the price one has to pay when transferring to a different college or university.  That doesn’t have to be the case. 

    The experts at the National Education Alliance Counseling Center build electronic education records for students which include every potential source of college credit earned in the past.  Then, this electronic education record is systematically merged into the curricula of numerous degrees matching the student’s desired area of study and level of degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate).  The best options for the student to consider (based on his or her unique academic accomplishments and stated needs, goals, and desires) are then presented in detailed degree plans for review. 

    Dare to compare – that’s what the National Education Counseling Center empowers students to do so they can make an informed decision before investing their money, time, and effort into pursuing the degree.  Every student receives several degree plans to consider from the professional team at the National Education Alliance Counseling Center.  When the student is ready to apply for admission, we even transmit the chosen degree plan to the participating college or university and request a courtesy pre-admission review to make sure the student has a clear understanding of what the future holds. 

    And the counseling center’s job is still not complete, they provide a continuum of counseling support from exploration to admission and onward to graduation. 

    You see, every semester, when the student is preparing to enroll in the next course or two at the college, the counseling center’s staff is available to guide them in the use of iStudySmart.com courses and the hundreds of resources that are available on the student support website, to help them make maximum use of nationally recognized college level examinations.  These examinations are accepted by more than 2,800 accredited colleges and universities across the nation.

    However, with the National Education Alliance Counseling Center at your side as your advocate, they will guide you in the use of iStudySmart.com courses in concert with courses taken from the participating college. This accelerates your progress to degree completion, while saving a considerable amount of time and money along the way. 

    The National Education Alliance Counseling Center is your advocate, providing you with a lifetime of support! Make loss of credit in transfer a thing of the past.  Get the credit you deserve with our support!

    Visit www.nationaleducationalliancecc.com


    Are You Ready to Find Out Which College Will Accept the Most of Your Credits?

    iStudySmart.com is giving you free membership into the National Education Alliance which includes a $100 savings toward the Counseling Center.  Use Coupon Code iSSSAVE and start saving today!


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  • Earn Your Degree While Working Full-Time

    Deciding to go back to school and earning your degree can be one of the most rewarding decisions that you can make. However, it can sometimes be easier said than done, especially if you’re working full-time, raising a family or both. How do you manage your time and meet deadlines with work projects as well as course assignments?


    Because of your busy schedule with work and family commitments, you may find it difficult to attend classes, which can delay earning your degree even more.  An option to help adult learners is completing college credit by examination, more commonly known as “testing out” of class. Over 3,800 colleges and universities, both traditional and non-traditional, allow some college credit to be earned through credit by examination.


    The three most widely accepted credit by examination tests are CLEP (College Board), DSST (formerly known as DANTES Subject Standardized Test) and ECE (Excelsior College). When completing college credit by examination, you can earn your degree faster at your own pace while focusing on your work and family commitments.


    iStudySmart.com offers over 60 study courses in business, nursing, humanities, natural science and social science to help you complete college credit and pass these exams. Courses are affordable and special discounts are available for adult learners. Please click here for more details.


    For more information about how iStudySmart.com can help you complete college credit, visit our website  and check out the course options.

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  • Better Job Market for Recent College Grads

    According to a recent article by USA Today, 2011 college graduates are entering a better job market than 2010’s graduates. Additionally, employers have an increase in open positions and plan to hire 19.3% more recent graduates than last year.


    Because of the recession and the need for employers to “tighten up their belts” in 2010, employers had 40.5 applicants per job but didn’t have enough jobs to fill for all the applicants. However, with the recent hiring increase, employers have only half as many applicants per job as last year.


    This job market increase is important for current college students as well. College students who chose to complete college credit through standardized exams can help them complete their degree faster, allowing them to get a head start on their careers. Credit by exam is accepted at over 3,800 colleges and helps adult learners complete college credit while saving money.


    iStudySmart.com provides over 60 effective study courses to assist college students in testing out. The study courses are available in Traditional, Advanced and Premier formats. The courses are structured so adult learners can study at their own pace, where they are most comfortable and test out when they’re ready.


    For a full list of iStudySmart.com’s courses, click here.


    Source: http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/employment/2011-04-21-college-grad-job-market.htm

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  • iStudySmart.com Online Bookstore Upgrade

    iStudySmart.com has upgraded its online bookstore to make it easier for adult learners to find all of the textbooks they need for courses at affordable prices. Not only will textbooks be more affordable through the upgraded bookstore, but students will now be able to sell back their books after use.



    Other bookstore features include:

    ·         ISBN Matching

    ·         New, Used and eBook Options

    ·         Book Order Tracking

    ·         Enhanced Customer Service


    To order textbooks, visit iSSbookstore.com.

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  • Start Your New Year Off Right by Completing College Credit

    The start of a new year is always a great time to make a goal and stick to reaching that goal. This year, resolve to complete college credit and earn your degree with the help of iStudySmart.com study materials. With over 60 study courses in nursing, business, humanities, natural science and social science, iStudySmart.com can help you to complete college credit and pass DSST, CLEP and ECE exams.


    To help you get a jumpstart on your educational goals, get 2009 prices in January 2011 for courses and SmartClub! Don’t let another year slip away. Get started toward completing college credit today.


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  • National Education Alliance Counseling Center Can Help Nursing Students Get the College Credit They Deserve

    Deciding which nursing schools will accept previously completed credits can be challenging. There’s always the question of many credits can be transferred and the fear that some of these credits when changing colleges. Before even figuring out what credits will transfer or not, the task of choosing which nursing schools will match nursing students’ educational goals can be overwhelming as there are hundreds of nursing schools in the nation.

    iStudySmart.com has partnered with the National Education Alliance, an advocacy group for adult leaders, to provide an alternative that can help nursing students decide what schools will best fit what they are looking for academically and that will, without a doubt, accept their previously completed college credits. The National Education Alliance has recently announced the opening of its Counseling Center to assist nursing students in determining what colleges and universities will accept and transfer previously completed college credits. 

    How It Works

    The National Education Alliance Counseling Center (NEACC) will search over 300 potential colleges and universities that best fit nursing students’ needs in one database search. Additionally, the NEACC will provide transcript evaluations to the schools that are the most cost-effective and that will award the most previously completed college credits.

    As an extra perk, the National Education Alliance is temporarily waiving its $95 membership fee. Nursing students can have access to the Counseling Center database as well as the products/services offered by the National Education Alliance without paying membership dues for a limited time only.

    Find out more about National Education Alliance and the NEACC by visiting the following links:

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  • 2 Smart Ways to Cut College Costs

    The fall semester is starting soon and it’s time to think about returning to college. You know why you want more education but you’re not sure about the how.


    College fees and tuition have increased over the past years, with the greatest increase being in public universities, according to an annual survey by the College Board. The College Board creates and administrates standardized tests such as SAT, AP and CLEP.



    Your schedule is more jammed than ever and money may be an issue. Is it possible to cut costs, save time and still get the education you need?

    The answer is yes – if you utilize a shortcut known as credit by examination or “testing out.” More than 3,800 colleges and universities offer credit by passing CLEP, DSST and ECE exams. You pass the test and get the credit, whether you’ve attended a class or not. These exams allow you to complete college credit for what you already know or to self-study and bypass classroom time.



    The “Testing Out” Option

    Some schools offer their own proficiency exams, which complete credit for those schools only.  For example, Excelsior College offers ECE exams. There are a few colleges that accept credit for ECE exams, but, generally, the credit completed by a school’s specific exam is not transferable if you transfer to another school.


    How Many Credits Can You Get?

    The number varies from college to college and sometimes even by department. But many schools allow you to complete up to 30 credit hours this way.


    If you have a program or school of interest, ask admissions these questions:


    ·         Do you accept credit by examination?

    ·         Do you only accept certain exams?

    ·         What are the passing scores?

    ·         Is there a transfer fee for these credits?


    The fees for taking tests are generally between $77 and $355. Many college testing centers administer the tests, even if you are not a student at that school.



    The Self-Study Option

    Suppose you don’t have the knowledge of the exam yet and would like to study at home instead. How do you get ready for such an exam?


    There are companies that sell study guides for students who want to complete college credit by testing out and need to prepare for the test. Some of these guides are simply outlines and some are more in-depth. If you go to the website for a particular exam, the information about the tests also includes a bibliography. It may be that your local library has the books you need to prepare for the test.



    You may be thinking, “This is too good to be true. What’s the catch?” Here’s one: self-study requires some discipline. With a little effort, it’s possible to study at your own pace, in your own space and save on class time. If you test out of an introductory course or elective, you can move more quickly into advanced courses and core classes.



    This clearly saves you time – and money! You save the cost of sitting in class, not only in tuition fees, but in missed work to attend class, babysitting costs, gas, etc.



    So complete college for you what you know – or will know with home study. It’s a smart way to get an education!



    For more information, contact an iStudySmart.com Educational Consultant at 1-800-737-2222.

    - Article by Sue Perkins, iStudySmart.com

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