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  • 3 Ways to Test Out for College Credit


    What if you could save your time and money earning 3-6 college credit hours by passing one exam? Most would likely be interested in skipping a semester of sitting in a classroom, and the good news is that there is a way. The bad news is you might not have heard of it. This is the idea behind “testing out” of classes, or credit by examination. Simply put, it’s a faster, more affordable way to earn college credit by passing one standardized exam per course. This is the solution for many who want to earn their college degree but face obstacles such as time to attend class, the cost of typical college expenses such as tuition, transportation to and from school, or other restraints such as family and work responsibilities. By earning college credit by examination, suddenly it’s possible to earn a degree faster and more affordably than traditional options. You can use testing out to complete 2 years’ worth of college classes, or use it as a supplement for your other traditional classes. One of the best parts of testing out is anyone can earn college credit this way. High school students can earn college credit in their free time while still in high school. Adult learners, including veterans, can earn college credit on their own schedules that works for their lives. How can you start testing out?

    Three types of exams you can take to earn college credit by exam are CLEP (College Level Examination Program), DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests), and ECE (Excelsior College Exam). iStudySmart.com offers exam preparation in over 60 CLEP, DSST, and ECE college-level exams in subjects such as business, nursing, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. In order to earn full credit per course, you only need to pass one standardized exam per course. You can prepare for these exams until you’re comfortable with the material and then take the standardized exam at testing locations throughout the country.

    iStudySmart.com is an official partner of DSST, recognized for their exceptional preparation materials. You can browse iStudySmart.com’s DSST and other recognized standardized exam prep courses by clicking here. Good luck studying and earning college credit by testing out of CLEP, DSST, & ECE exams with iStudySmart.com!


    If you’re ready to take a DSST exam, you can save $10 on your exam fee by signing up for a free membership at www.NationalEducationAlliace.com and use coupon code iSSsave when signing up!

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  • Have College Credits? Want to Transfer Them but Don't Know Where They'll be Accepted?


    Do you have college credits and want to transfer them, but don’t know which college will accept the most? One solution that the National Education Alliance is bringing to the table in order to help transfer students save time, money, and guesswork is their Counseling Center. The National Education Counseling Center is a digital database of over 300 colleges and universities that compares thousands of degrees side-by-side. It starts its customized plan for each student by first looking at the college credit students have already earned. This isn’t just credit earned from other colleges. It considers:


    • Courses taken at other colleges in the past

    • College credit for military training

    • College level examinations

    • College credit for professional training at nearly 1,000 corporations and government agencies

    • College credit for professional certification and licenses


    By examining each individual student’s maximum amount of potential college credit, the Counseling Center guarantees you never lose a transferrable college credit. After pooling together all possible credit, the Counseling Center then provides a list of potential colleges. These colleges can then be sorted and compared by accepted transfer credit, tuition cost, degrees awarded, state, and more. You also get support from a real counselor before, during, and after your decision.


    Are You Ready to Find Out Which College Will Accept the Most of Your Credits?

    iStudySmart.com is giving you free membership into the National Education Alliance which includes a $100 savings toward the Counseling Center.  Use Coupon Code iSSSAVE and start saving today!


    For more info on the Counseling Center, visit www.nationaleducationalliancecc.com/


    To become a member of the National Education Alliance and receive $100 savings toward the counseling center, visit http://www.nationaleducationalliance.com/about-us/BecomeAMember.aspx


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