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  • Meet a Few Members of our Staff


     In today’s modern world we might call an 800 number and  speak to one person in India and another in South Dakota; yet they all work for the same company. Then there are the times you call and speak to one person at a company and they give you the information you need but you call back only to get a new person who has no idea what you’re talking about. Here at iStudySmart.com the staff is customer oriented and gives you the feeling  of the old days. The days when you knew your grocer, when you saw the same Doctor from your birth and when you would walk in the barber shop and everybody knew your name.  

    We try to fill your needs on a personal level and understand your circumstances in order  to tell you what degree plan works with your schedule, your family, and your social life.  Are you a paramedic, LPN/LVN or Respiratory Therapist looking into becoming a Registered Nurse? We will help you decide if Western Governors program fits your lifestyle or if Excelsior College is the better choice. If you  have no idea what degree you want but have a lot of college credit we might recommend you look into our partners at The National Education Alliance Counseling Center (NEACC).  The NEACC will help you find the quickest path to degree completion, the least expensive degree and show you how to get the most credit for your prior college credit, military/corporate training, licenses, certificates and/or credit by examination (AP, CLEP, DSST and ECE).  The NEACC degree exploration system will also provide you with a complete list of iStudySmart.com courses you need to complete your degree. 

    Meet some of our staff and know who you are talking to! 

    Educational Consultant:  Ashley McCoury. 

    I am here to help you through the sometimes stressful process of finding the courses you will need to graduate from college and get that life changing degree you have always wanted! If you have questions about how testing out works, where to take your test, when to take your test and which test to take (CLEP, DSST formerly the DANTES exam or ECE) I can help! 

    President:  David Wright 

    Are you a college, company or hospital interested in a partnership with  iStudySmart.com?  David is the one to contact! He can set up a discount program for your employees or students.  If you have interest in creating a library for your facility give David a call.


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  • Military Exclusive Opportunity for Tuition & College Credit Savings

    Until recently, tuition assistance has been available to military personnel since the late 1940’s.  However, due to recent budget cuts, military branches have been forced to suspend their tuition assistance programs.  “These cuts will have an impact on military families.  The National Education Alliance is subsidizing the cost of the in-depth study materials from iStudySmart.com to help out during the suspension of tuition assistance.  This will allow military personnel to continue to prepare for and pass exams to complete college credit.  Our goal is to support the military during this time,” said National Education Alliance President, Shara Wright.  The courses are normally $225 each but with the funds provided by the Alliance, military personnel can have online access to the iStudySmart.com traditional courses for $49.95 per month per course with the exclusive military discount on the SmartSubscription.  There is no limit to the number of courses which may be purchased in this manner.  iStudySmart.com’s test preparation materials are a flexible alternative to help military personnel complete college credit toward degree completion or for work related advancement. 


    Military members can prepare for their college credit equivalent exams using iStudySmart.com materials at the reduced rate and test out with DSST and CLEP exams.  These exams remain funded by the military.


    Students can TAP into a program that is:

    • Transferable: over 3,800 colleges accept credit by exam
    • Affordable: one course per month for only $49.95 – for military personnel
    • Portable: work at your pace – anywhere in the world


    iStudySmart.com is the only publisher of in-depth study materials endorsed by DSST, formerly known as DANTES Subject Standardized Test. Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth was recognized for its superior educational performance and Chief Master Sgt. Wanda Dillon stated, “Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth went from 5 graduates of the Community College of the Air Force to 77 graduates in one year and iStudySmart.com contributed to that success.” 


    For military personnel to take advantage of the iStudySmart.com discount, please email info@iStudySmart.com with Military in the subject line.  Members of the Military will be given a coupon code to use at checkout.


    About iStudySmart.com

    iStudySmart.com offers exam preparation for DSST, CLEP and EC exams that enable students to pass the first time and a path to the degree which accelerates your progress to completion, while saving a considerable amount of time and money along the way.

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  • Test Out of College and Save Money

    Prices for college tuition continue to rise what working adult wants to risk  spending their milk money on an education?  Working adults face multiple challenges:  cutting down on hours at work, finding childcare, commuting to a college campus, paying a hefty tuition, purchasing numerous textbooks, and paying all the “fees” associated with college.  This all adds up to spending more while bringing in less.  On the other hand how can anyone afford not to have a college education?  According to the National Center for Education Statistics a person with bachelor degree earns 50% more then someone with only a High School Diploma and the gap is only rising!


    Here is a little tip that can cut college costs in half and the information won’t cost you a thing, TEST OUT! What does Test out mean? It’s an awesome way to save money. Let me explain, most colleges will allow you to take a proficiency exam.  There are three nationally accepted exams:   CLEP, DSST and ECE.   CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program.  DSST stands for DANTES Subject Standardized Test. ECE stands for Excelsior College Exam.  Testing out allows you to take the “final” test without physically attending the class. If you know the material for a subject you can take an exam, pass, and complete college credit, it is that simple! You can test out of 30-45 semester hours of credit at one of over 3,800 colleges and universities.


    Save the college tuition, save the gas, and save the time and complete college credit without setting foot in a classroom.


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  • Study Guides for CLEP, DSST and ECE

    iStudySmart.com writes in depth study guides for CLEP, DSST (DANTES) and ECE (Excelsior College Exam)exams. Passing these exams allow students to complete college credit at home.  iStudySmart.com offers an online format so students can access their courses anywhere at anytime.  Students can study at their own pace in their own place. 

    The online courses guide students through key concepts designed to make sure they learn the information that will be on their tests. Included with the assignments are sample tests and other study tools.

    All of the online study courses are the same format. The only difference is the subject matter. iStudySmart.com has over 60 courses within five major categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Business and Nursing. The actual CLEP, DSST and ECE exams are all multiple-choice questions with the exception of English and Religions of the World, which have essay sections. The iStudySmart.com course sample exams are multiple-choice too and the computer scores your results to let you know your level of comprehension.

    Each assignment has a question, a reference to a section of the related text, and a place for students to type answers in an online form. Assignment questions and answers can be printed in an open-ended format, if desired.

    Each assignment question comes with the chapter reference to help students find the answers quickly. After a question is answered, it can be printed out for study.

    A sample exam provides a multiple-choice exam designed to emulate the proficiency exam a student will take. Each online course has a computer application built in that automatically scores the results. Therefore, students can review the questions they missed. They can reset the exam and try it again. In fact, they can take the test as many times as they wish.

    Each exam question is designed to help students recall the information they've studied. At the end of each exam, they're shown the questions they answered correctly -- and the ones they didn't. The exam results are designed to help the test takers determine their weak areas, he added.

    No instructors are involved as iStudySmart.com courses are designed to let students work through an entire course without needing outside assistance. However, they do have access to other students working on the same material via the iStudySmart.com forums. There are forums for adult learners, high school or college students, military, nursing, time management, testing companies, and a general forum for posting comments about distance learning.

    The online courses are completely self-paced. There are no time-limits. Once you have completed a course and feel comfortable with the subject matter, then you register to take the proficiency exam at a testing site nearest you. When you pass the exam, you can transfer it to the college of your choice as credit.

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  • Test Out of CLEP, DSST and ECE exams to Complete College Credit at Home

    Electronic education is increasing in popularity, which is good news for iStudySmart.com, a company that specializes in distance learning and provides online courses that allow students to comlete college credit by testing out of CLEP, ECE (Exceslior College Exam) or DSST (used by DANTES) exams. (These proficiency exams are accepted by over 3,800 accredited colleges and universities.)

    iStudySmart.com offers self-paced learning, complete with assignments and practice exams. Students buy the courses, study when they'd like, and take the exams when they're ready. The traditional courses cost $225* each. While every college treats scores differently, most courses are worth between three to six hours of college credit.

    Students will need to buy a textbook for each course. Students can buy the texts from the iStudySmart.com On-Line Bookstore. Of course, if students decide to pursue a degree, they'll have testing and college fees. However, federal loans or grants can't be used for iStudySmart.com courses.

    After registering at iStudySmart.com, students are given access to local testing centers for all exams, their own interactive study calendar, and access to forums for communicating with other iStudySmart.com pupils. Registration is free.

    "Registering is a marketing tool that we use to gather demographic information about our users so we can better understand their needs," David Wright, iStudySmart.com President, says. "Anyone interested in completeing college credit can register and find out how iStudySmart.com can help them specifically."

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  • Distance Learning for Nurses

    There’s a nursing shortage in America – and your hospital will start losing if you’re not prepared. Studies show that educational benefits are a major component in the recruitment and retention of great nurses. iStudySmart.com has the key to maximizing your potential in this tight labor market. We can help your nurses obtain a degree through distance learning or fast track their degree at local college campus.  How? Over 3,800 colleges allow students to by pass the classroom and test out of college courses using CLEP (College Level Examination Program), DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Exam) and ECE (Exceslior College Exam) exams.

    1. Reduce Your Education Budget
      Because we can offer courses online and offline, we’re able to pass along cost savings that will expand your educational options and stretch your benefits dollar.
    2. Solve Scheduling Problems
      iStudySmart.com gives the student the power to control the schedule and pace of studying. No scheduling problems, no missed work.
    3. Attract and Retain Employees
      iStudySmart.com offers RN and BSN courses that have helped thousands of nurses working toward their degrees and improved the quality of care at hundreds of hospitals. Attract nurses when they’re in short supply – and keep the ones you’ve got.
    4. Custom Solutions
      We’re so convinced that iStudySmart.com will benefit your hospital that we’ll design a custom solution just for your business. We’ll conduct a free on-site seminar for your employees and help you make the most of their education.

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  • Credit By Examination: CLEP, DSST and ECE

    Credit by examination programs enable you to apply your knowledge toward college credit at participating colleges.

    Earning credit by examination works like this: you study college level material and take a final exam, if you pass the exam - you get college credit!

    Our study courses prepare you to take exams that are recognized nationally by more than 3800 colleges and universities. Many colleges allow you to earn part of your required credits through credit by examination. Some colleges allow you to earn your entire degree that way! It's easy to get started!
    • Earn college credit for what you already know!
      It doesn't matter how or where you learned a subject, as long as you can pass the exam. If you're not sure you are ready to pass, iStudySmart.com courses guide you through a subject and guarantee your passing score!
    • Save Money!
      Our courses can be less expensive than enrolling in traditional classes!
    • Graduate Faster!
      Study at your own pace to "test out" of the required coursework you need to earn an associate or bachelor degree.

    Note: Each school has their own policy about which tests are accepted and how much credit is allowed to be earned by examination.

    There are three main Credit by Examination programs: 

    • CLEP:  College Level Examination Program
    • DSST:  DANTES Subject Standardized Exam
    • ECE:  Excelsior College Exam

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  • Three Primary Testing Organizations: College Board (CLEP), DSST and Excelsior College

    In the world of college testing for credit there are three primary testing organizations, College Board (CLEP), DSST and Excelsior College.

    1. College Board is a not-for-profit member association that is part of Educational Testing Services (ETS), a non-profit organization. College Board is responsible for SAT, CLEP, and Advanced Placement (AP) testing. It is the policy of College Board to remain neutral and avoid recommending any study materials other than their own so as not to risk conflicts of interest.
    2. DSST is also part of ETS, but is wholly-owned and independently operated. They are the largest test center network in the world, primarily offering test-taking services. If you are planning to take certification or licensing tests for the American Medical Examiners, the insurance industry, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, or many other professional groups, you will do so through a DSST test center. DSST is a part of DSST exams are similar to CLEP exams in that passing scores are equivalent to college credit.
    3. Excelsior College has been a pioneer in the development of accredited online degree programs to serve the needs of working adults. They developed their own challenge exams that allowed students to test for competency in different subjects. Excelsior recognized that many working adults already had considerable knowledge in some subject areas and having them complete a course in those areas was not a good use of the student’s time or resources. If you can pass an Excelsior College exam, you are demonstrating knowledge equivalent to having taken the class. Because the exams are thorough and measure competency well, other colleges and universities also accept passing scores on these exams as credit earned.

    DSST lists iStudySmart.com as a resource for in-depth study materials and has done so since 2002. In addition, a link to the iStudySmart.com website can be found on many college test center webpages because, again, iStudySmart.com materials and customer service have been found to be excellent.

    Since 1986, iStudySmart.com has worked hard to develop materials that would be quality test preparation and that would help students as they pursue their educational goals. Earning the recognition of professionals in the industry is a much appreciated reward.

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  • Flexible Options for Earning a College Degree utilizing CLEP, DSST and ECE exams.

    In 1986, Moore Educational Publishers, parent company of iStudySmart.com, began developing study courses to help nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists and other healthcare workers earn college credit toward nursing degrees. It didn’t take too long before it became clear that it wasn’t just healthcare workers who wanted to earn degrees. Many working adults were interested in flexible options for earning a college degree utilizing CLEP, DSST and ECE exams.

    During this 24 year history, we have helped thousands of students and working adults earn their degrees and college credit by passing exams like CLEP (College Level Examination Program exams administered by College Board), DSST (Subject Standardized Test administered by DSST), and ECE (Excelsior College Exam administered by Pearson Vue Professional Centers).

    In 2001, Moore Educational Publishers made courses available online and we began to use our website name iStudySmart.com as our company name. (It was easier for clients to remember how to find us online.) We were among the first to have materials available in workbook, CD-ROM and Internet format. iStudySmart.com made it convenient for all types of students to earn college credit in less time than normally required to attend typical college classes, or in a way that allows greater flexibility in scheduling.

    Recognizing the similar goal of helping students pursue distance education and appreciating the quality of the in-depth study materials, in 2002, iStudySmart.com was endorsed by The Chauncey Group (now known as DSST-Dantes), creators and administrators of the DSST exams. In addition, HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), the largest provider of healthcare in the United States, partnered with iStudySmart.com to provide iStudySmart.com courses as an education benefit to all HCA employees, but especially to meet the needs of nursing staff.

    In 2009, iStudySmart.com, was purchased by Making Education Possible Inc., and moved from Nashville, Tennessee, to San Saba, Texas continuing the vision of making education possible and affordable for everyone.

    We are proud of our involvement and commitment to those people pursuing education. Included in our company handbook is this:

    In the continuing pursuit of excellence, we are guided by the following values:
    • We care about each other and our clients.
    • We treat each other and our clients with dignity and respect.
    • We listen to our clients and meet agreed-upon requirements.
    • We delight our clients by exceeding their expectations.
    • We work with each other and our clients as a team.
    • We provide excellent products and services.
    • We encourage growth through lifelong learning.

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