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  • Excelsior College Distance Education Nursing Program

    Most nurses out there know one thing about continuing their education: it takes FOREVER! First you have to decide what college to attend, and then get accepted, register for your general education course requirements, and then your name will be placed on a waiting list for all the nursing course requirements.  Sometimes the waiting list is only a semester however there are colleges with waiting lists of two years or more.  In a society where we can watch the news instantly on our smart phones this seems outrageous.  Who wants to wait 2 years just to start their education? Fortunately for LVNs/LPNs, paramedics and Respiratory Therapists there are options. Today I will outline Excelsior College's Associate Degree in Nursing a great option for distance education.

    Here’s how it works:  

    1. You TEST OUT of all your courses (Yep, it’s that simple).
    2. You start with the general education courses (you don’t even have to be enrolled with Excelsior) and test out and pass all of the required general education courses.
    3. Then you enroll with Excelsior and test out and pass all of the nursing courses.
    4. Once that is complete you schedule your CPNE (Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination).   This is a testing clinical held on a weekend at sites throughout the US.
    5. Once you pass the CPNE all that is left is sitting for your NCLEX exam.
    6. Pass your NCLEX and you are a Registered Nurse!

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  • Excelsior College's Nursing Performance Examination

    The Excelsior Nursing Performance Examinations (clinicals) measure a student's ability to perform the expected behaviors and skills as a new graduate registered nurse. There are 4 specific skills evaluated in the simulated lab and the skills involved in the patient care situations will be dependent on the patient population that weekend. Clinical exams include a one-to-one evaluation by a trained examiner, real and simulated clinical situations and an objective assessment of your skills. The performance examination is taken at a Regional Performance Assessment Center (RPACs).


    CPNE Test Site Hospitals:

    Northeastern Performance Assessment Centers

    • Albany Medical Center Hospital, Albany, NY (AMC)
    • St. Peter’s Hospital, Albany, NY (SPA)
    • St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, NY (SJH)
    • Faxon-St. Luke’s Healthcare, Utica, NY (FSL)
    • Chambersburg Hospital, Chambersburg, PA (CHP)
    • New York Medical Center Hospital of Queens, Flushing, NY (NYQ)
    • York Hospital, PA


    Southern Performance Assessment Centers

    • NCH Healthcare System, Downtown/North, Naples, FL
    • Northside Hospital-Atlanta/Children’s Healthcare of ATL-Scottish Rite, Atlanta, GA
    • Southern Regional Medical Center, Riverdale, GA (SRM)
    • Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, GA (GRD)
    • Memorial Health University Medical Center, Savannah, GA (MHS)


    Midwestern Performance Assessment Centers

    • Meriter Hospital, Madison, WI (MER)
    • St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center, Madison, WI (MSM)
    • Med Central Health Systems, Mansfield, OH (MCH)
    • Covenant Womens & Childrens Hospital—Lakeside Campus, Lubbock, TX (LUB)


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