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My favorite study tool for LEARNING (not just cramming) your college subjects


One of the most common questions students ask me about testing out of their college coursework is…


“Jay, are you telling me I need to read entire textbooks cover-to-cover to pass all of these exams?”




In fact, not only do you not have to do it, attempting to do it will actually sink your testing success by spreading your study time too thin.


Unless you’re twenty years old -- living rent-free with all the time in the world -- there’s simply not enough hours in a day to read massive textbooks before taking your tests. At that pace, you would probably hit retirement age before earning a degree to advance your career!


So, you ask, what IS the key to rapidly, thoroughly and methodically preparing yourself for dozens of rigorous exams?


After two years of running DIY Degree, I am proud to endorse iStudySmart.com as my preferred exam preparation system.


Unlike most products out there, iStudySmart.com isn’t just a flashcard library. It’s a comprehensive, laser-guided study system that works in conjunction with your textbook by telling you which sections to study (including exact page numbers), drills you with relevant sample questions and tells you when you are ready for test day.


Why is this preferable to just grabbing some cheap flashcards and cramming?


Well, it depends.


If you already have a strong grounding in the subject (like a lifelong accountant studying for the Financial Accounting CLEP test) then maybe you can squeak by with a service like InstantCert. The flashcard approach might be sufficient as a refresher before test day.


However, what if -- like many of my students -- you know nothing whatsoever about the subjects on your test schedule?


A few late-night cram sessions aren’t going to magically encode a semester’s worth of college material in your brain. This presents a serious problem, because a semester’s worth of college material is what you need to know in order to pass your CLEP, DSST or Excelsior tests.


Do you really want to walk into a test center, sit down at the computer and try to answer hundreds of questions about something you studied for in such a hasty manner?


(That’s like thinking you’re ready to step into the cage with a UFC fighter because you took a kickboxing class at Planet Fitness!)


iStudySmart.com is the intelligent middle ground between the exhaustingly tedious “read everything” approach and the lazily ineffectual “flashcard cramming” approach.


I think of it as a GPS system for test-out students. Rather than rifling through textbooks at the end of busy days, getting discouraged and putting school off, iStudySmart.com empowers you to sit down in front of a focused action plan for putting whatever study time you have to its absolute maximal use.


In short, it lets you study in less time so you pass the first time!


Remember: testing out of a college degree isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s an academic mission that will challenge you in ways typical “classroom students” never experience. So although you technically could study without a tool like iStudySmart.com, your chances of climbing this mountain are much higher with a powerful tool in your arsenal.


If you’re considering a test-out approach like my DIY Degree students use, I strongly encourage you to prepare yourself with iStudySmart.com.




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