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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Online Learning

1. You get to choose
Online education allows students to choose from a wide variety of schools and programs not available in their area.

2. Flexibility
Online education offers flexibility for students who have other commitments.

3. Networking Opportunities
Students enrolled in online education programs can network with fellow peers taking the same classes. These networking opportunities are great for making study partners to motivate each other. Professional connections are useful for career opportunities after schooling is finished.

4. Pacing
Many online education programs allow pupils to work at their own pace. For some, this might mean they can demonstrate competency upfront and get credit for the class. For others this may mean moving at a slower pace and receiving additional supports if necessary.

5. Open Scheduling
Online education allows professionals to continue their careers while working towards a degree. You’re in charge of your own schedule of courses that are always available and can work it around your other responsibilities in life.

6. Savings
Online education programs often charge less than traditional schools.

7. Lack of Commute
Students who choose online education save on gas and commuting time.

8. Choose the interests you’re passionate about
Providing online opportunities for students means providing more choice. Students can more easily pursue study in areas of interest. They are no longer dependent on the staffing limitations of their particular school or community.

9. Teaching & Testing Options
The variety of online education programs available means that students are able to choose a learning and evaluation format that works for them. Everyone learns in different ways, and different options for distance learning are available to help you study and learn the best way that works for you.

10. Effectiveness
Online education is effective. A 2009 meta-study from the Department of Education found that students taking online courses outperformed their peers in traditional classrooms.

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