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The Future of Education

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What will education look like in the future? It's interesting to think about the evolution of education. How far it has come, the doors it can open. Think about it: anyone can get an education if they put forth the effort. The improvements to education have changed us, and changed the world in which we live. In the year 2010 we are utilizing the web in education more than ever before. What will education look like in 20 years, 30? It's hard to imagine.
I found this great video at Here's what they said about the video: "This video looks at ideas drawn in the main research commissioned under the Beyond Current Horizons program, which considers the future of education in the light of social and technological change over the next two decades. The video aims to inspire education leaders to think differently about the future of education and to consider the challenges and possibilities for 21st century schools."


Education is, and will always be, the key to our future.





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