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June 7, 2017

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Social Sciences and History

Social Sciences & History measures the following:

  • Familiarity with terminology, facts, conventions, methodology, concepts, principles, generalizations, and theories
  • Ability to understand, interpret, and analyze graphic, pictorial, or written material
  • Ability to apply abstractions to particulars, and to apply hypotheses, concepts, theories, or principles to given data

Topics covered include:

  • History
    • United States History: Requires a general understanding of historical issues associated with the colonial period, revolutionary period, late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Civil War and Reconstruction, and late nineteenth and twentieth centuries
    • Western Civilization: Covers Western Asia, Greece, and Rome; medieval Europe and modern Europe, including its expansion and outposts in other parts of the world
    • World History: Covers Africa, Australia, North America, and Latin America from prehistory to present
  • Social Sciences
    • Government/political science
      • United States institutions
      • voting and political behavior
      • international relations
      • comparative government
    • Sociology
      • methods
      • demography
      • social theory
      • social stratification
      • deviance
      • social organization
      • interaction
      • social change
      • family
    • Economics
      • scarcity
      • product markets
      • resource markets
      • monetary and fiscal policy
      • international trade
      • economic measurements
    • Psychology
      • aggression
      • socialization
      • conformity
      • methods
      • group process
      • performance
      • personality
    • Geography
      • weather and climate
      • regional geography
      • ecology
      • distance
      • location
      • space accessibility
      • spatial interaction
    • Anthropology
      • cultural anthropology
      • ethnography

(Taken from "Social Sciences and History,” CLEP: Social Sciences and History Exam.)

The required textbook(s) for the Traditional course are listed below.

  • The Western Experience   
      10th by Chambers, Hanawalt, Rabb, Woloch, Tiersten - D.C. Heath,
    ISBN 9780073385532
  • Systems of Society An Introduction to Social Science   
      7th by Manuel G. Mendoza and Vince Napoli - Cengage,
    ISBN 9781583160565