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June 7, 2017

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Production and Operations Management

Production/Operations Management measures knowledge and understanding of material generally taught in an undergraduate one-semester, three-credit introductory course in production/operations management and is required of business majors.

The exam tests for:
  • Familiarity of facts and terminology
  • An understanding of basic concepts
  • The ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to typical production/operation decision making situations
Topics covered in this course are:
  • Systems Management
    • Systems concepts
    • Systems organization
    • Operations strategy
    • Process management
    • Management of technology
    • Work-force management
  • System Design
    • Location analysis
    • Layout analysis
    • Capacity analysis
    • Work systems design and analysis
  • System Planning, Analysis, and Control
    • Optimization models and methods in production planning
    • Total quality management
    • Statistical process control
    • Supply-chain management
    • Forecasting methods
    • Aggregate planning
    • Material requirement planning
    • Just-In-Time systems
    • Material requirement planning
    • Work methods and measurements
    • Managing projects
    • Inventory management
    • Scheduling
    • Productivity and operations
(Taken from “Introduction to Operations Management,” TECEP Examinations, Thomas Edison State College, www.

The required textbook(s) for the Traditional course are listed below.

  • Operations Management   
      7th by Stevenson, William - McGraw Hill, 2002
    ISBN 978007-247670-5