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June 7, 2017

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Organizational Behavior

The Excelsior exam measures knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis of material typically taught in a one-semester upper-level undergraduate course. The DSST exam is usually used to attain lower-level undergraduate credits. Both exams consists of four-option multiple-choice questions which test for the following:

  • Knowledge of facts and terminology
  • Understanding of basic concepts
  • Ability to apply this knowledge and understanding to typical business situations

Topics covered in this course are:

  • Organizational Behavior Overview
    • The field of organizational behavior
    • The study of organizational behavior


  • Individual Processes and Characteristics
    • Perpetual processes
    • Personality
    • Attitudes
    • Learning processes
    • Motivation


  • Interpersonal and Group Processes and Characteristics
    • Group dynamics
    • Group behavior and conflict
    • Leadership
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The required textbook(s) for the Traditional course are listed below.

  • Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processes 13th   
       by James L Gibson - McGraw-Hill, 2008
    ISBN 978-0073381305