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June 7, 2017

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Labor Relations

Labor Relations covers the material taught in a one-semester college level course. It is normally an upper junior or senior level course. The examination measures:
  • Knowledge of facts and terminology
  • An understanding of the concepts of labor relations
  • The ability to apply this knowledge to specific situations
Topics covered include:
  • Labor Relations in the United States
    • Industrial relations system
    • Labor history
    • Union structure and organization
  • American Labor Law
    • Early labor law
    • The National Labor Relations Act as amended
    • Public-sector labor law
  • Organizing Process
    • How organizing begins
    • The employee decision to join a union
    • Determining the appropriate bargaining unit
    • Organizing campaign
    • The election process
  • Collective Bargaining
    • Factors affecting the bargaining process
    • The bargaining process
    • Bargaining structure
    • Management and union preparation for bargaining
    • Conducting bargaining
    • Bargaining issues
    • Impasse strategies and processes
  • Contract Administration
    • Issues in contract administration
    • Grievances
    • Rights arbitration
(Taken from "Excelsior College Examination Content Guide for Labor Relations," Excelsior College Examinations,

The required textbook(s) for the Traditional course are listed below.

  • Labor Relations Development, Structure, Process   
      11th by John Fossum - Mc Graw Hill Irwin,
    ISBN 9780078029158