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June 7, 2017

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Information Systems and Computer Introduction

Information Systems & Computer Introduction course meets the requirements for the college-level DSST/Dantes examination entitled Introduction to Computing and the CLEP examination entitled Information Systems & Computer Applications.

This course covers the following areas:
  • The history of computers
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer software
  • Networks
  • Telecommunications
  • Legal and ethical concerns

On these exams, you will be expected to demonstrate a general familiarity with information technology and computer applications. The exams will not emphasize details of hardware design, language-specific programming techniques, or specific application packages. The focus will be on concepts and techniques applicable to a variety of products and environments.

Topics covered in this course are:
  • Computer Organization and Hardware
    • Processing components
    • Primary storage
    • Peripherals
    • Architectures
    • Data representation
    • Units of measurement
  • Systems Software
    • Operating systems
    • Utilities
    • Software development tools
    • User interfaces
  • Application Software
    • Word processing and desktop publishing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Hypertext, multimedia and presentation software
    • Databases
    • Graphics
  • Communications and Networks
    • World Wide Web
    • Personal communications
    • Network access
    • Network architectures
    • Data communication
  • Software Development
    • Software life cycle
    • Programming language paradigms
    • Algorithms
    • Data types
    • Input/output
    • Expressions, syntax, semantics
    • Logic concepts
    • Control structures
    • Functions, procedures, macros
    • Computability/limitations
  • Social Impact and History
    • History
    • Social issues
    • Safety and Security
    • Careers in Computer Science and Information Systems

(Taken from "Introduction to Computing," DSST/Dantes Subject Standardized Tests, The Chauncey Group International, ©2008 [draft], [January 24, 2008] and from "Information Systems & Computer Applications," CLEP: Information Systems and Computer Applications Exam, ©2008.)

The required textbook(s) for the Traditional course are listed below.

  • Introduction to Computers   
      6th by Norton, Peter - McGraw-Hill Technology Education, 2006
    ISBN 9780072978902