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June 7, 2017

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American Literature

Complete the assignment questions as thoroughly as possible using the textbook page references following each question. Most of these page numbers will come from the Norton Anthology; however, you will be referred to the Handbook as well. Also, at times, these page numbers will include additional, necessary material to help you comprehend the total concept. Please be aware that many questions will have several tasks within the question, and each task will be denoted by an (a), (b), (c), etc.; for example, when a question says, "(a) Name, (b) define, and (c) given an example of...," the question has three tasks. Periodically, you may find it necessary to go back and read the entire work in order to grasp the whole idea.

For an overview of each of the major literary eras shown below, access the indicated Appendix:

  • Course Information, Appendix A
  • Plays by Eugene O'Neill, Appendix B
  • William Faulkner, Appendix C
  • Ernest Hemingway, Appendix D
  • John Steinbeck, Appendix E
  • Tennessee Williams, Appendix F
  • Alice Walker, Appendix G
  • Herman Melville, Appendix H
  • Henry David Thoreau, Appendix I
  • Early American Literature to 1620, Appendix J
  • The Puritan Age-1620-1700, Appendix K
  • The Age of Reason-1700-1820, Appendix L
  • American Romanticism-1820-1865, Appendix M
  • Realism, Regionalism, and Naturalism-1865-1914, Appendix N
  • Modernism: American Literature Between the War-1914-1945, Appendix O

The required textbook(s) for the Traditional course are listed below.

  • The Scarlet Letter   
       by Hawthorne, Nathaniel - Bantam Classic and Loveswept,
    ISBN 9780553210095
  • The Awakening   
      2nd by Chopin, Kate - Norton,
    ISBN 9780553213300
  • A Handbook to Literature   
      12th by William Harmon - Longman,
    ISBN 9780205024018
  • The Norton Anthology American Literature 8th edition   
       by Baym, Levine, Franklin, Gura, Klinkowitz, Krupat, Levine, Loeffelholz, Reesman, Wallace - Norton,
    ISBN 9780393918854